Our Culture

We all want to feel valued.
Feel like we’re doing something worthwhile with our lives
and get the rewards and recognition for doing so.

That’s why at McLaren we give people the opportunity to exceed expectations,
be the very best they can be and share in the resulting success.

We’re proud to be one of the UK’s most successful privately owned businesses,
with over 580 employees and a turnover of £378.0 million last year.

Whether you work in our Construction, Property or International companies,
you’d be part of a group that’s not only growing but also pioneering new markets, new initiatives and new opportunities for everyone.


Trust, Integrity & Honesty

We conduct our business in a morally correct manner and promote this culture and approach throughout.

We promote an environment that is devoid of politics and bureaucracy – we strive to work in a harmonious manner.

We build trust through honest and transparent communication, which encourages our customers, consultants and supply chain partners to work with us in the same way.

Customer Focused

We are focused on delivering ultimate customer satisfaction – we prioritise excellent customer service, challenging internal and external situations, always striving for a win-win solution.

We continually look to identify areas of improvement to ensure a consistent high standard of service to our customer.

We create an environment of quick decision making to deliver solutions efficiently and successfully for our customers.

Health & Safety

We activity demonstrate a professional commitment to protecting the safety and health of ourselves, each other, our consultants and supply chain partners.

We proactively remove risk and unsafe
work behaviours and attitudes.

We foster a culture that demonstrates a commitment to best practise safety and health standards through behaviour and actions.

Colleague Commitment

We provide the best working environment for our colleagues to maintain the utmost self-respect.

We supply the platforms for security of employment
and career progression.

We value and respect each other, our Consultants and Supply Chain Partners, to enable an enjoyable workplace environment.

Exceeding Expectations

We always exceed expectations by challenging ways of working to establish new and innovative approaches that
create sustainable value.

We have a ‘Can Do’ attitude – we seek out positive solutions.

We adopt an agile and flexible approach to our work.