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The highest specification facility in Europe has now been handed over to the club.

An exciting new chapter for the Premier League’s high-flyers has just begun, as they relocated to their new home at Seagrave. The first team squad trained for the first time here on Christmas Eve 2020.

The project and scope

Under construction since spring 2019, the new LCFC Training Ground was a huge redevelopment project on a massive 185-acre site to convert a former golf course. The facilities built by McLaren include:

  • 21 playing surfaces – including 14 full-size pitches
  • 499-seater floodlit main pitch
  • The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Building – the site’s primary training, medical, and administrative hub for the first team and academy
  • The King Power Centre – the site’s central point, housing an indoor pitch and media centre
  • Elite sports science and medical facilities – including cryotherapy chambers
  • Bespoke gymnasium and hydrotherapy facilities
  • Sports Turf Academy for the education and development of industry-leading grounds staff
  • Private nine-hole golf course

The construction process

The unrelenting progress of this project from day one was a testament to our continued ethos of partnering with key customers, and working to overcome delivery challenges on high profile schemes such as this.

From the beginning, we knew that the programme would be challenging due to the complexity of the scheme, its size, when it needed to be complete and the procurement route chosen.

We have overcome some of the most challenging weather in recorded history too, and of course restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet despite this, we have delivered what the club set out in their vision, part of an important and emotional legacy since the sad passing of owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha back in 2018.

The club now have one of the world’s most advanced training facilities that rivals any club in the Premier League and outside of the UK.

Please see the clip below commissioned by the club that shows key highlights from the construction process:

Technical construction challenges

  • 185,000 – bricks used in the formation of the seven buildings and surrounding structures

  • 21 – playing surfaces in total, including 14 full-size pitches

  • 11,261 m2 – floor space in The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Building

  • 1,121 m2 – terrazzo flooring, which consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass

  • 1,780 – tonnes of steel for structural frames on each of the buildings across the site

  • 525m2 – timber decking on balconies to the south of The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Building

  • 700m2 – porcelain tiling utilised across three observational balconies, including the first team players’ recreational garden

  • 200 – televisions installed throughout the centre’s various buildings, including in conference rooms, offices, bedrooms and recreational areas

Sustainable environmental solutions

  • 313,000m3 – earth moved across the build process, with 95 per cent being retained and reutilised throughout the campus to limit environmental impact

  • 21,593 – the number of new trees and conifers planted across the site, to aid an abundance of natural wildlife

  • 1.5M – litres of water stored on site for irrigation of all pitches, which will be recycled through irrigation lines stretching 9km in total

  • 7,140 – tonnes of grass seed used to give life to the array of pitches

  • 86,000m2 – seeds planted in ‘off pitch’ areas to provide a safe habitat for indigenous wildlife

  • 4 – new attenuation ponds installed for rainwater control and to support flora and fauna

  • 600m2 – raised planters for the growth of herbs and vegetables

  • 75,000 – tonnes of rootzone (highly versatile soil) applied to all grass pitches

  • 525m2 – timber decking on balconies to the south of The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Building

  • 450 – below-ground drainage runs, alongside two on-site waste treatment plants

The legacy

Following the first team’s move to the site, Seagrave will become home to the Club’s entire men’s professional and academy football operation in the coming weeks.

City chairman Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha said in a statement: “A new training ground has been a dream many years in the making, so it is with great pride that we have been able to deliver this. Seagrave will be a pivotal part of the club’s operation for generations to come.”

McLaren Managing Director, South, Jay Newman said: “It has been an honour to partner with Leicester City to deliver their new training facility, set to shape the players of today and tomorrow. Building on our considerable experience in sports and leisure, Seagrave has become one of the most modern training facilities in Europe.

I’d like to congratulate everyone at the club, their professional team, the supply chain and our own workforce in coming together to produce such an extraordinary set of buildings and outdoor facilities here.

We look forward to continue growing in this sector and delivering more training facilities and stadiums for other British clubs in the near future.”

Further detail on key buildings

The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Building

The primary hub of the Seagrave site, the building is named after the Club’s late Chairman and patriarch. An elite-standard training facility was a central feature of Khun Vichai’s vision for the Club, now being realised under the guidance of his son, Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha.

The building includes all facilities for the Club’s professional men’s teams, football operations, offices, private accommodation, restaurant, and first team recreation area. Its balconies also overlook the first team training pitches.

LCFC - Training Ground
LCFC Recreation Area

The King Power Centre & Indoor Pitch

The King Power Centre is the site’s most prominent structure. Its spectacular dome, built into the landscape, houses an air-conditioned, artificial pitch and a media centre including press conference room, broadcast facilities and hospitality space.

The indoor pitch roof comprised of 13 lattice trusses spanning 75m between reinforced concrete buttress walls with concealed bolted connections between each section. The curved roof of the indoor pitch is made from steel and ETFE, as well as being partly green sedum-planted to blend into the surrounding landscape.

LCFC Training Ground
Leicester City FC Indoor Pitch

Match Pitch 1

A 499-seater show pitch for exclusive use, including selected FA Youth Cup, PL2 and LCFC Women’s matches, serviced by designated changing facilities and broadcast compound.

LCFC training facilities

Sports Turf Academy

A first-of-its-kind facility for the education and development of elite grounds staff and grounds services. The STA will aim to train future generations of grounds professionals for deployment in sporting settings around the world, while creating a research and development hub for innovations in turf management.

LCFC Sports Academy Match Pitch
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