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McLaren wish to be a welcomed presence in all communities where we operate. We aim to develop long-term relationships within the communities and leave a positive legacy through corporate social responsibility.


We want to be a welcomed neighbour in every local area within which we operate; that means positively contributing to the community and pro-actively minimising disruption and inconvenience caused by construction activities. We recognise the need to promote a positive image of the construction industry to tackle the skills gap and attract more individuals into the industry.

community support


Our Social Conscience Policy Objectives are focused around three key areas of impact:

  • Add value to local communities
  • Inspire and motivate individuals
  • Create a positive perception of the construction industry through community outreach
supporting local charities


To add value to local communities, we commit to:

  • Develop comprehensive community investment plans for all projects
  • Establish and nurture relationships with charities through our work
  • Long-term relationships will be established in regions where we regularly have projects
  • Create additional social value by encouraging various activities and volunteering at our construction sites and regional offices
  • Reinforce relationships with local groups, where we have pre-existing or established relationships
mclaren community outreach


To inspire and motivate individuals, we commit to:

  • Develop long-term relationships with key primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities to inspire young people to enter the construction industry, either with us directly or with our preferred supply chain partners
  • Encourage interest and create opportunities for individuals to enter the construction industry

Find out more about McLaren and Place2Be here.


To create a positive perception of the construction industry, we commit to:

  • Register all our construction sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. We will target an average score of 40 across all our projects, showcasing excellence and innovation in construction management
  • Minimise the disruption associated with work at our construction sites and address complaints in a timely and appropriate manner
  • Interact and share knowledge with other industry leaders. By publicly showcasing our work, we lead by example and demonstrate how we have been able to contribute positively to local communities
Considerate Constructors