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As a leading contractor, McLaren is committed to continuous environmental improvement. We’re embedding  environmental awareness in all our activities, both on our construction sites and in our offices, including our design and procurement practices.


We recognise our responsibility to conduct our activities in a way that gives due consideration to our planet’s resources, both in the short and long term.

Our Planet policy objectives are focused around three key areas of influence:

  • Minimising resource consumption
  • Promoting environmentally responsible design and operations
  • Driving a culture change throughout the built environment

Resource consumption

To minimise resource consumption, we commit to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions associated with our business operations.
  • Reduce waste generated at our construction sites and offices and improve diversion of waste from landfill.
  • Employ energy and water-efficient technology across our construction sites and offices.


To promote environmentally responsible design and operations, we commit to:

  • Ensure materials are supplied with appropriate environmental certification.
  • Promote innovative design, procurement and construction methods to minimise material use and reduce the embodied carbon of our construction projects.
  • Provide comprehensive pre-construction environmental analysis for all major projects to identify opportunities for waste reduction, fewer vehicle movements and construction with lower embodied carbon.


To drive a culture change throughout the built environment, we commit to improving:

  • Environmental awareness among employees.
  • Sustainable procurement, working with our supply chain.

We publish case studies and achievements to highlight innovation and best practice.