/Orchard Primary School

To meet the high demand for aditional school spaces within the borough, Orchard Primary School was selected as a suitable site to accommodate a greater number of pupils. The project saw the expansion of the existing 2FE school into a larger 3FE school, enabling the pupil intake to increase from 420 to 630. 

The works included the construction of a sympathetic extension to the existing 1920’s building, arranged over three floors. The extension includes a new large hall to accommodate a greater number of pupils and parents, seven additional classrooms (one reception space, two KS1 classrooms and four KS2 classrooms) as well as an increase in ancillary spaces, including ten WCs, two group rooms, storerooms and dining spaces.

Additionally the unoccupied site adjacent to the existing school known as the ‘Backlands’ was developed ahead of the main contract works, creating a play space that could be utilised during construction.

Construction and remodelling works were carefully planned around the school timetable, ensuring that disruption to the main school building was kept to an absolute minimum during term time.

London Borough of Hackney

London, E9

November 2016

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